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Couples Counselling: Progressing Your Partnership

Couples counselling provides a space for collaborative interaction and attentive listening, a place where you and your partner can address and uncover the areas of your relationship that may need enriching and/or support. As a therapist, I can assist you in:

  • Understanding the power dynamics of your relationship
  • Understanding the power of language in communication
  • Examining your own beliefs and commitments in relation to one another
  • Increasing communication
  • Identifying and clearing negative energy and negative patterns to increase compassion for each other
  • Letting go of blame and guilt, or any other debilitating emotions that could be crippling your relationship
  • Implementing constructive and collaborative strategies towards conflict resolution
  • Focusing on the positive energies and aspects of your relationship
  • Fostering a deep and lasting appreciation for your relationship in order to achieve an overall sense of well-being
Couples in distress

Are you and your partner struggling in your relationship?

If you are experiencing problems within your marriage, I can help you address both your individual needs and those of your partnership in ways that can make your union stronger. Conducted in a private and safe environment, marital counselling or relationship mediation can encourage and achieve a happy and satisfying relationship.

Pre-marital counselling

In South Africa the divorce rate is extremely high. Prevent your marital relationship from becoming another divorce statistic. Pre-marital counselling can help you explore and understand the dynamics of being in relationship; inter-dependent mutuality and ongoing empowerment of each other. We will consider different personality types and personal backgrounds and their effect on being in relationship. We will discuss proper communication and conflict resolution techniques to ensure that you develop practical and effective strategies on which to build a strong foundation for a life-time together.


Joan Collett - Counselling Somerset West

Dr Joan Collett, Registered Counsellor, Somerset West.

Joan has extensive experience, training and qualifications in narrative counselling and her specialist knowledge is based on more than a decade of research and counselling.

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