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Depression is a very serious affliction. It is more than just feeling “sad” – it can be a black hole of darkness and despair for those who are caught in it. Depression can rob you of life’s joy, throttle your sense of purpose and meaning, and trap you in a self-deprecating, perpetuating cycle of hopelessness and misery. I have worked with many patients suffering from depression, and I can help you not only understand, but also stand up to your depression. As a counsellor, I can:

  • Help you rediscover life’s lustre.
  • Aid you in developing new, hopeful perspectives.
  • Support you in regaining your power and your voice.
  • Guide you in making the choices needed to lead a purpose-driven, fulfilling life.

If you, or someone you love, is suffering from depression, please feel free to contact me and arrange a consultation.

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Joan Collett - Counselling Somerset West

Dr Joan Collett, Registered Counsellor, Somerset West.

Joan has extensive experience, training and qualifications in narrative counselling and her specialist knowledge is based on more than a decade of research and counselling.

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