Client Success Stories

I am a Somerset West based therapist, specialising in narrative counselling.

Are you looking for a compassionate Somerset West Counsellor to help you change and grow? I specialise in eating disorders, addictions, couples therapy, family counselling and more.

  • Mari, aged 18

    Anorexia Nervosa
    I am so thankful to be alive and was indeed lucky to have had Joan as my psychological counsellor. Having been lost in anorexia’s black hole of nothingness, Joan never gave up on me, her commitment to my journey will always be treasured by myself and my family.Joan made me understand that anorexia would not be her focus, rather what was happening deep down inside me. It was important for her to know why I was hurting myself the way I did. She helped me to concentrate on my own needs, connect with my feelings in order to understand more anout myself in a deeper, more fulfilling way. I had a life but I was not living...[to] become part of life again, [I had to] rediscover myself, that I was unique…that I had the power to fight anorexia’s say in my life. I can honestly say my own healing was set in motion because Joan was willing to listen, willing to connect to what I was feeling. It was the way in which she made herself present that will always stay with me, her voice and how she often came to sit with me, holding my hands.
  • Robyn, aged 17

    Bulimia Nervosa
    By treating me not as a patient, but as a person – as a friend – Joan gained my trust, and I valued what she had to say. Joan taught me I did not have to feel the way I did. I did not have to feel cut off and inaccessible. I didn’t have to feel confused, hopeless and failing. She showed me ways of getting back in touch with myself. Ways of getting to know myself again. I now have plans for my life. I have dreams and ambitions and I feel I have potential. I am not restricted by my physicality. I now see it as an object of worth – worth protecting instead of discarding. I have learnt to embrace it. Joan showed me there is no space for isolation, for secrets, or suspicion. There is no time, no place for the caging-in that the Eating Disorder causes.
  • Suzanne, aged 19

    Bulimia Nervosa
    It feels almost unreal that after so many years of struggling with my self-image, I’m eventually free! There is nothing more that holds me back, shuts me out, humiliates or demeans me! I can just be myself…Joan supported me, built me up…piece by piece…I could never heal if I did not discover my own spirituality, my own uniqueness, my own self-power.Today I am well, but it was not easy. I think what was most difficult was to come to the point where I wanted to get better. All healing is self-healing. This is what Joan told me probably a hundred times. I chose not to understand this. I wanted her to make me better. Encouraging me all the way, Joan helped me to understand that I had to decide for my life, that I had the power inside me to choose, to grow and recover. I am for-ever grateful to her. Joan stayed completely away from labels. She convinced me that the illness was not who I am, rather a problem I was struggling with and would overcome. It was her perspective on bulimia, her belief in me, my ability to heal and grow, that changed me dramatically.
  • Mother of a daughter, aged 18

    Adolescent depression and adjustment problems
    There is so much peer pressure amongst girls at school. My daughter is very sensitive and kind and struggled to fit in. She developed depression and was booked off by a psychiatrist. All the medication did not help. I am so grateful I took my daughter to see Joan when we did. Joan has a very unusual way of working with young people. She connects with them at a very deep level and gain their trust right at the start. After only one session with Joan I could see the difference in my child. She was smiling again after a very long time!

Are you looking for a compassionate Somerset West Counsellor to help you change and grow?

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