Area of specialisation

Recognized Destructive forms of Behaviour

Life is about the choices we make : We make choices and then our choices make us : Say No to crazy and Yes to Life !

What classifies Self-inflicted harmful behaviour?

Self-inflicted forms of behaviour cause a crippling of existence or harm to the self, due to an inability to face Life challenges. The behaviour is fuelled by embodied/ underlying stress and anxiety; is therefore difficult to turn around, with ritualistic and compulsive patterns controlling behaviour.

My view on treatment

Your life might look good from the outside but you know the opposite is true. All forms of self-inflicting/harmful behaviour share a common pattern: there is always a self that is attempting to escape from life’s hardships and anxieties. 
Are you or a loved one suffering from any form of harmful/destructive behaviour?

If you feel that self-destructive behaviour gets the better of you, taking precedence over everything else, make the choice for change now! Choose to live a purpose-driven, satisfying life. You have the power and can make the right choices now!

If you are suffering from any form of harmful/hurtful behaviour or are concerned for the well-being of a loved one, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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