My approach to counselling

I am a Somerset West based therapist, specialising in narrative counselling.

The most basic tenet of my client philosophy is that you, as my patient, are most important. Moreover, my therapeutic practices are fuelled by the awareness that each and every person is unique, as is their experience of living with anorexia or bulimia, an addiction or relationship problems.

My Client Philosophy

Empowering the Self
Dr Joan Collett

Healing rather than curing

“I do not view the body as in need of repair. People do not need fixing – they need healing.” In the words of Damasio : “As human beings, we first feel, then think, then act”.

Taking physical, psychological, spiritual and social factors into consideration, I provide individualised, one-on-one conversations with those who seek my assistance. My counselling is focused on allowing you to empower yourself in the face of crippling illness or circumstances, and promote healing – a continuous process of growth and self-awareness.

How I achieve a continuous process of growth and self-awareness

As a counsellor, I promise to:

  • Pay attention to detail
  • Provide uncompromising care and commitment
  • Ensure my availability (before, during, and long after therapy)
  • Be ethical and maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Pledge my unyielding commitment to your journey of healing
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  • I am so thankful to be alive and was indeed lucky to have had Joan as my psychological counsellor. Having been lost in anorexia’s black hole of nothingness, Joan never gave up on me, her commitment to my journey will always be treasured by myself and my family.
    Age 22
  • Joan’s appreciation of life and all things beautiful convinced me that I too can live without ongoing chaos caused by alcohol controlling my life. The journey to let go was hard with many setbacks. Joan’s ongoing commitment to my journey is what pulled me through. I can stand back in appreciation and look how far I have come, knowing I will never ever go back to where I was.
    Age 38
  • I am so grateful I took my daughter to see Joan when I did. Joan has a very unusual way of working with young people. She connects with them at a very deep level and gain their trust right at the start. After only one session with Joan I could see the difference in my child. She was smiling again after a very long time!
    Mother of daughter
    Age 18
  • Four years after I lost my first wife I decided to remarry. It was hard for my children aged 10 and 12 to accept some-one new. Always sensitive to our difficulties, Joan assisted us individually and together to build and strengthen family ties. She supported us in the healing process and enabled us all to move forward.
    Age 42
  • By treating me not as a patient, but as a person – as a friend – Joan gained my trust, and I valued what she had to say. She showed me ways of getting back in touch with myself. Ways of getting to know myself again. I now have plans for my life. I have dreams and ambitions and I feel I have potential.
    Age 17
  • We experienced relationship problems, causing our marriage to suffer. We contracted with Joan for a few sessions. Joan has a heart for people and a passion for what she is doing. Her friendly, yet professional manner of dealing with people is something which comes very naturally for her, something which immediately made us very comfortable with her and really impressed us. It was a pleasure for us to work alongside Joan.
    Ray & Susan
    Age 28 / 257